Litter Training Your Pet Rabbit-A Complete Guide

How to litter train your rabbit    

It is possible to litter train a rabbit just like any other pet. This document will mention and explain steps on how to potty train your pet bunny.  It is good to start potty training to your rabbit at an early age, so that it can learn faster. The following are procedures to be taken when you are potty training your pet bunny;

1.  A Proper Litter Bin is crucial

This is the first thing to do during the training process; the owner should obtain an appropriate and conducive potty environment for its pet. You need to have a litter bin for your bunny to use it as a toilet. You can also use a litter pan or a large litter box instead, which will be more commodious and can hold some hay on it.

The vertical sides of the litter box should be low in height, to enable your pet rabbit to hop in and out without straining. Bunnies are prey animals, so if the litter box is vertically high then they will not hop on to it; this is because bunnies are scared of potting in places where they cannot see their surrounding properly. This actually means that a box which is vertically high is not suitable for your pet bunny because they feel insecure.

2. Litter Box Options.

 The owner should have more than two types of litter boxes before obtaining the exert litter bin. After a period of time, your pet will have picked his favorite litter bin. After obtaining the right bin, purchase other bins of the same kind and quality so that it can be easy for your pet rabbit to remember the appearance of his litter bin. Make sure you have one litter bin in the living room, kitchen and also one in your bedroom so that your bunny will use while free ranging within the house. The owner or trainer should also have backup litter bins; so that when the other one is in use, then the other one is being cleaned.

3. Lay the litter bin on the right spot.

The guider should know a convenient spot to lay his or her rabbit’s litter bin, by marking where his or her bunny tends to potty. If there is no spot found already, choose another specified area that is easy for your pet to access, but it should not be when your rabbit is potting. Bunnies prefer places where they cannot be disturbed when potting, so it’s litter box must be kept in a convenient spot Always leave the litter bin for few more days, in order to confirm if it is the exert place.

4. Select the Appropriate Litter.

Fill the litter bin with the proper litter, and then lay down a large mat beneath the litter bin so that it can collect any dispersed litter. Use untreated aspen chips and firmly based litter papers. Do not use clamping litters, or litters made of clay because it is harmful to rabbits. Drop a little dropping plus a urine soaked paper over the litter. This will improve litter training by letting your rabbit to know its potty spot. Finally, spread some timothy hay on the litter, it must be fresh because spoiled hay may harm or even cause death your rabbit! Don’t get amazed by finding your rabbit munching his hay while potting, it is normal for rabbits to do that.

5. Reward Your Rabbit for a Job Well Done.

When everything is set up, restrict your rabbit in his or her area, and reinforce it in a positive way for using the litter bin in the right manner. Give him or her small treat to reward him for going to the right spot; if it goes the wrong place don’t get upset or scold him. Getting angry and scolding it will only teach your pet bunny that you are scary and it will avoid you all the time. Learn to remain calm if you want your pet bunny to feel comfortable around you. When it has learned using the litter bin consistently, give it short periods of 10 minutes outside the cage for a day or two. Supervise your pet properly to see whether it has learnt to potty on the box, or holds it for 10 minutes. If he or she does in the right way, then grab it, put it on the litter bin gently and reward your bunny positively.

6. Have a Clean Litter Bin.

The owner should remove dirty litter every day, and also leave behind droppings on the litter bin for three days, to make your rabbit to recall the appearance of the litter bin. Empty and clean the tray using a disinfectant once a week to maintain hygiene. Before refilling it again ensure that the box is dry before laying it down for your bunny to use.

Most rabbits learn how to use litter bin easily. Once your rabbit has known how to use one litter bin, take advantage by following the previous steps and train your bunny again to use other litter boxes in other rooms. Once you have trained your pet, you can now have fun by training your pet to acquire human language, and other games without worrying about inappropriate use of his potty. You can also teach your pet bunny a lot of fun tricks and other useful behaviors.

7. If Everything Fails, Get a Cage.

If your bunny pet refuses to use the litter bin, then get a cage that is extra-large for your bunny, and place your bunny including the litter bin inside the cage. This will enable your pet to learn and adapt with the new routine easily. Lay down food and water for your pet rabbit, and his or her hideout on one end and the other end with a litter bin. The confined area will assist your pet rabbit to learn to potty in the right place. Another alternative is placing his or her litter bin in small room or a washroom and then restrict your pet in that area during training and learning session.

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