The 10 Best Rat Cages for Comfort-Reviews and Buying Guide

As an animal enthusiast, you don’t want to limit yourself to just one pet. There are other animals who deserve just as much love as others. One such pet is a rat. Most people people think rats are vermin but that opinion is far from the truth. Taming rats is easy and enjoyable and can be awesome pets when taken care right. Rats are social, smart, and full of quirks!

Best rat cage

Although taking care of domesticated rats seems an easy task, rats are not low maintenance pets. You will need to have a set of rat supplies that are essential in making your pet happy and healthy. You will also need to spend some time with your rat; at least an hour a day to facilitate bonding. Rats can be adorable and make some cute pets as long as they are vaccinated and given the right medical attention.

When you own a rat as a pet, obviously you can’t let it run around the house like the undomesticated ones. You will have to get a cage and tame your new pet.

The Top 10 Best Rat Cages for Comfort

A rat cage is not something you should gamble with. If you decided to look for a rat cage, you’d get so many of them. But getting the right rat cage for your pet takes more than picking, it takes choices. Today, we are giving you ten of the best choices for your rat cage headache.

1. Critter Nation 2-Story Small Animal Cage

This 2-story cage is our favorite rat cage and rightfully so as it provides the ultimate home for your pet. It is designed to keep your rats happy and healthy. Each of the cage’s storeys has a shelf for your rats to rest, a ramp to use for movement to the other unit and a base pan that is removable for cleaning.

Full-width double doors give you full access to the cage’s interior for cleaning it and feeding your rats. Meanwhile, a full-width plastic pan floor, just like the wide shelf, provides playing area for the rats and acts as safety by averting any falls.

MidWest Homes for Pets designed this rat cage with customer convenience given very high consideration. This is evident with the inclusion of dual locking critter-proof door latches which are secure and make it easy for you to operate them with one hand. You can tailor the cage to what you feel is suitable for your rat as the shelves with plastic trays are height-adjustable.

This cage can blend in with any décor as it has a quartz hammer tone finish. It comes with many attachment points for additional accessories like toys, hammocks and tubes. It is maneuverable thanks to wheel casters that raise it in place as well as raising it to a comfortable height.

The ramps have cover to protect the feet of your pets while the surrounding wire mesh has ½” spacing to keep your rat secure but allow it to explore. It measures 36 x 25 x 62.5 inches.

  • The full-width double doors make it so easy for one to access and clean the cage
  • With ½” bar spacing, the rats will easily climb and explore without escaping
  • 4 caster wheels make it easy to move the cage
  • So much room for rats and accessories
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

2. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

This is another spacious cage that has room for even the strongest rat. It comes with four levels of playing/living space two plastic platforms and three ramps connecting the playing spaces. The ramps are non-slippery and made of plastic. Included in the cage also are one hammock and a grille.

Escape-proof hinged doors help keep the cage secure with locks also secured from the outside. The cage is separated into two by the middle-level floor which when opened gives a full-cage access. There is a storage shelf located at the base while a removable plastic tray at the base also ensures that you have an easy time cleaning.

Prevue Hendryx rat cage measures 31 inches long, 20 inches wide and 54 inches high while on stand. The caster wheels help in its mobility and the hammock adds flair to the already good-looking rat cage. The cage is constructed using wrought iron and has a powder-coated hammertone finish.

You will enjoy the following once you buy this rat cage;

  • Sufficient space for your rats and toys
  • Assured security with the escape-proof door
  • Added beauty with the hammock
  • Easy to clean
  • Caster wheels will make it easy to move the cage around
  • Sturdy construction will make it last long

3. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Casters

Despite not being the largest cage in the list, this is perfect for those rat owners looking for a modest cage with a spacious design. It has a deep base that completely contains the waste and dirt generated in there and is big enough for your rat to be explore and play. It measures 24 x 24 x 41.5 inches.

The cage comes equipped with a spiral slide, safety ramps, a hammock, 3 comfort shelves and a FerreTrail Fun-nel. The latter is a non-slip spiral slide that connects the levels, designed like a funnel for the rats to use in moving from one level to the other.

With narrow wiring and chew proof locks, you are assured of the security of the cage.

It has a large room for rats and accessories. The tray is deep and great for rats that are fond of scratching. Kaytee My First Home also boasts being set on caster wheels which makes it easy to move and trendy. It has a 1” bar spacing making it best for adult rats.

This pretty rat cage will come with the following benefits;

  • It comes at a better price compared to most of the rat cages of similar size
  • The deep bottom tray is a great accessory for playful rats
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • The plastic floors are rat friendly

4. Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

Also by MidWest Homes for Pets, Ferret Nation is not only designed to keep your rats healthy and happy, besides providing accessibility and making it easy for you to clean. With four levels, each unit a ramp and a ramp cover as well as a resting shelf. There also is a removable base pan in each unit for easy cleaning.

Accessibility is made easier by the full-width double doors so feeding your rats and cleaning the cage won’t be difficult for you. The rats will enjoy the large play area provided by the full-width plastic pan floors as well as the wide expansive shelves. These will also avoid any dangerous falls that might be experienced by the rats.

Designed with your welfare in mind, the inclusion of dual locking door latches that are critter-proof ensures a secure and easy one-handed operation. If you have extra accessories that you may like to include in the cage, there are several attaching points in this cage.

Locking caster keep the cage raised to a comfortable height and provide an extra storage. With ½” wire spacing, your rats will climb and explore their environment as they wish. The ramps come with ramp covers to protect the feet of your pets.

This cage is constructed from a durable metal wire and a sturdy square tube frame. With a gray-quartz finish, this cage looks attractive and can blend in with any décor.

This cage comes with the following benefits;

  • A nice finish that blends in with any décor
  • A ½” bar spacing to enable your pets climb and explore their environment
  • Easy cleaning due to the removable pan and the full-width double doors
  • Secure critter proof dual locking door latches that you can easily handle with one hand
  • Wheel casters for movement
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ramp covers protect the feet of your pets

5. Kaytee My First Home Habitat Multi-Level for Exotics

This cage can house up to 4 rats but despite being among the smallest in this list, it boasts four levels that will help your rats be active which is healthy for them. This is a cheaper option that measures 30.5” x 18” x 30”.

You will especially love the deep base of this cage if your pet is the digging type. It features an open space which with high walls that are meant to prevent the pet’s beddings from flying out of the rat cage. That is not enough as the base also provides your pets with some privacy. This is vital since rats have a tendency to hide and feel protected.

The shelves are made of plastic just like the ramps and these are not only safe but also easy to clean. The wire top is secure and allows ventilation into the cage. Since the latches are constructed using chew-proof wire, they are secure and durable.

With ½” wire spacing, your rats will find it easy to climb and explore their environment without a possibility of escaping while the locking system guarantees you safety. This cage also has two non-slip ladders to connect the units and an exercise wheel.

A rooftop door makes it even easier for you to access all the three levels of the cage whether you intend to clean or reach for the rodents. In order to clean the cage, you just pull out the tray at the bottom after removing the grille.

Some of the benefits of owning this rat cage include;

  • Deep base for your rats to hide and keep your rats’ beddings inside in case they try to dig them up
  • It is relatively cheaper compared to most of its size
  • Safe plastic shelves and ramps easy to clean
  • Well ventilated
  • Security since the wire mesh has a ½” spacing
  • Easy access thanks to the rooftop door and secure door
  • Constructed using a secure chew-proof wire

6. Mcage New Large Wrought Iron 4 Level Cage

This cage has four levels and is pretty spacious to house up to 3 rats. The wire mesh in this cage is tight enough for the rats to walk without their paws getting stuck. With a bottom pan that slides out easily, cleaning this cage is a piece of cake. Mcage cage is so roomy that besides the rats it also allows you space to keep other accessories like toys.

It is a strong, sturdy and durable rat cage made of plastic wire that has been coated with epoxy. Epoxy is animal safe and its addition is meant to stop the rodents from chewing on the plastic wires hence enhance durability.

The ramps and floors on the other hand are made of solid metal that is chew proof and perfectly spaced. A front large gate has a windbell lock to ensure that the rats are safe and don’t escape. A smaller door on the roof will help you in case you intend to do some quick maintenance like cleaning or just reach the rats. The cleaning is even more easier with a pull-out tray that you just slide out and clean.

Below the cage, on the bottom, there is a shelf on which you can store supplies, treats and extra food. The cage comes in a dusted rose color with some hammerstone finish that gives it a very lovely look. Mobility of the cage is also made easy by the presence of caster wheels

It is a great purchase coming with the following benefits;

  • Safe for your rats, with the tight ½ inch bar spacing
  • Comes with a removable stand
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to move thanks to four caster wheels

7. Yaheetech Small Animal Habitat

This cage is among those with the most number of levels in this list, boasting 5 levels. With such vast amount of space, your brats will not run out of an activity. The much space guarantees your rats more freedom and safety. All the doors have 100% pet safe locks.

You will notice three large rounded doors which allow you to easily access the cage for cleaning or when you want to reach for your rat pet. The exterior part of the cage is built with heavy duty iron with a hammertone finish coating.

The base has a removable slide out tray which holds all the cage’s dirt to be cleaned at the time of your convenience. The cage measures 25.2” x 16.9” x 51.6”. This is a strong and sturdy cage even for the strongest rat. All the doors are arched and latch-secured. To ensure your rats are safe from getting stuck or being caught by the mesh haphazardly, the bar spacing is just 0.9 inches.

The 5 ramps connecting the levels increase the play area for the rats and are non-slip. It also is important to note that the cage has rounded corners, with no sharp points and this avoids any scratching and protects you and your rats.

Yaheetech rat cage comes with the following benefits;

  • You can use it with other pets not just rats alone
  • It has many levels
  • Has a smooth and glossy surface
  • Sturdy
  • Multiple doors for easy accessibility
  • Doors are latch-secured and the wire mesh is strong so the rats can’t escape
  • Non-slip ramps add the rats’ playing area
  • Rounded corners avert any injuries to you or the rats as well as any damage to property that a sharp corner might cause
  • 360-degree swivel casters for moving
  • You can use this cage indoors, outdoors or even in shops

8. Go2Buy Metal Cage Playpen

 You will definitely love this cage if you are looking for an affordable metal cage that is spacious. It is suitable for large and adult rats since it has a bar spacing of 1.5 inches. It however is large enough to accommodate two or more rats.

The cage has five shelves and if you add the base it adds up to six levels. It includes a removable tray, five ramps connecting the shelves, a plastic container and a 250ml water bottle. The exterior is made of metal wire mesh but the platforms are made of solid plastic which is strong enough to sustain the weight of your rats for long.

Measuring 25.2” x 16.9” x 51.6”, this cage is multifunctional. It has three doors on the front, for easy entry and accessibility to each of the levels. The complimentary 250ml water bottle is mounted conveniently for the rats to drink water by themselves and a feeding bowl is included in the base from which the pets can eat.

You can hang pet toys from the roof of the cage for your rats. With the cage made of high quality metal, it is sturdy and durable and looks good with a special hammertone finish. It is corrosion and wear-resistant. The bottom features heavy duty wheel casters to support high load capacity and make it easily movable.

Some of the benefits of this rat cage include;

  • Strong and durable
  • Safe and secure for your rats
  • Rounded corners for your safety and that of the pets
  • 3 oversized front doors make the cage accessible
  • 1” bar spacing prevents any rat getting stuck
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can add toys for your pet
  • Has many levels

9. Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

Made by Exotic Nutrition, the Mansion Cages are made specifically for the small mammals, rats included. You can get the 4-level cage or get the 2-level cage which you can later upgrade to a 4-level cage.

The cage is constructed by HQ Cage Company professionals who are equipped with experienced workmanship and quality materials. The material includes solid metal that makes up the bases and platform shelves. The cages are constructed using tube frames hence the inside is comfortable and very roomy for your pets.

Your pets can’t escape as the bar spacing is just ½” and the entire cage is coated with animal-safe powder coat. The doors have strong metal locks which can’t let go under any stress. Cleaning is easy as all the debris is dropped in the pull-out tray which you will just pull and clean. The cage also comes with a lower accessory shelf where you can store toys, food and any other cage item.

The 4-level cage has two solid platforms each with a shelf. There are three ramps, connecting each shelf from top to bottom and there are two doors, one for each platform. This cage is heavy duty, and is both chew proof and scratch proof. The wide metal shelves and the solid metal floors give your pets a large environment they can explore.

This cage has the following benefits;

  • It is a heavy duty cage made of 100% metal
  • It is both chew-proof and scratch-proof
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is large and accommodates many accessories
  • Escape-proof
  • You can buy a 2-level and later upgrade it to a 4-level

10. Homey Pet-3 or 1 Tiers Chinchilla Ferret Rabbit Small Animals Crate

This is a tabletop cage with three different layers. It comes with an exercise wheel, two platforms, two ladders and a little house for your rat to escape to and escape disturbance. Additionally, the cage has a rooftop door that you can use to access all the three levels of the cage. This also makes cleaning easy, adding the fact that all debris is stored in the pullout tray at the bottom.

It is a pretty roomy rat cage that can hold two rats. The spacing is suitable even for small animals that they can climb without a possibility of them escaping or even getting stuck in those spaces. The wire floor is removable just as the bottom pan which slides out to make cleaning easy for you.

An animal-safe epoxy coating is added to the plastic wire so that it prevents the rodents from chewing on the wires hence making it durable. There is also room for toys and other accessories for your pet. There also are caster wheels to make it easy to move from one point to the other and easy to assemble once bought.

Here are the benefits that come with this rat cage;

  • It  home clean
  • The plastic bottom will ensure your pet is healthy
  • You will find cleaning of this cage easy with the pull-out tray
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has caster wheels to move it around easily
  • Has a non-toxic coating to make it durable

Best Rat Cage Buying Guide

As you can see, there are many companies that have dedicated themselves into giving you what they feel is important in making your rat pet feel at home. However, the choice solely on you to make, which calls for some information and we gladly are at your service. If your budget can’t afford the above rat cages, or maybe you can’t find them, then it is important to look out for the following

What To Look For In A Rat Cage

Your rat needs plenty of room to play, run around and climb. Make sure that the cage you set your eyes on is large enough and spacious. Besides, it is important to note that rats grow quite fast so if you buy a small cage, sooner or later you shall be compelled to buy a bigger rat cage.

Bar spacing.

You should check out the bar spacing and ensure it is very small. This is to protect your rat from getting stuck between the bar spaces. If the bar spaces are wide, the smaller rats might squeeze themselves out and escape.


This is very important. Rats like chewing and if you buy a cage made of chewable material, your guess is as good as mine on the fate of the cage. Avoid plastic, wooden or glass cages as they are easily chewed by the rats while the plastic and glass cages cause health problems to the rats.


Just like any other cage, you need to easily access the inside sometimes. Get a cage that is easy to access, even in case of emergencies.


How easy is a cage to clean? Wooden cages might soak in the rats’ urine and make it hard for you to clean. Get a cage that is easy to clean.

The Best Rat Cage

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous rat cages in the market right now and it will take some knowledge for you to get the right pick. Rat cages with wire mesh are the best. This is because they provide the rat with a climbing environment. Besides, and most importantly, they provide the rats with great ventilation and are so easy to clean.

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