Best Pet Stroller for Large Dogs

I have seen some people brushing away the need for strollers – especially for large dogs. The justification for this argument is obvious.

That dogs need to be dogs and treated like dogs. And that to roll dogs in strollers is embarrassing. While this very imagination could be true, think about your big boy Wolfie with a back medical condition or injured legs.

The mobility issues are definitely a sorrow. And if you are a travel favorite enthusiast, you want to have your dog to places and you don’t want to leave him alone in the room bored the whole day. In this situation, finding the best pet stroller for large dogs is going to be very important.

Are you looking for opinion for the best stroller? Well. We have scoured the internet and are confident to recommend a few high-quality strollers for your big “pooper”.

Our editor’s top pick is this Pet Gear Expedition Stroller. Coming as a 150-pound stroller, and with enough interior cabin space, the accessory is perfect for large pets.

Another quick top pick is Gen7Pets Monaco Pet Stroller that features convenient features. Besides being lightweight, the stroller accommodates up to 60 pounds’ pet weight.

With that said, walk with me as I bring this topic into sharper focus.

Why the Need for Strollers for Large Dogs?

A good number of pet lovers would haul their small dogs in strollers. Perhaps, you don’t want to stress your lovely critter by the road. Or just don’t imagine wearing him down.

But the crowd will think you are simply over-pampering your pet. You are spoiling your dog ad according to them, that’s absolute crap.

You don’t have to fall to this mood.

Here’s why you might need to buy strollers for large breed dogs.

  • Sickness and Injury

Damn this idea but it happens oftentimes. Your dog might be injured on account of different activities.

If he injures his legs, you may be advised by the veterinarian to use this accessory. Even without a recommendation of the animal doctor, you don’t want to expect your pet to walk by its own – you need a roller (a stroller).

  • Quick Recovery

Another advantage is if you want your dog to recover quickly from treatment or surgery. Again a stroller will save your fears on how to transport him from place to place.

This means that you become close to the dog. It creates a sense of security around him and allows the dog to enjoy fresh air without the possibilities of any further injury.

  • Overweight and Elderly Pups

One of the biggest challenges for some breeds is stuffing overweight bodies. For instance, the Miniature Dachshund comes with weight issues.

Such dogs don’t walk too far. They tire easily and therefore may require some transport help if you are going to walk miles away on the road or elsewhere.

The stroller also becomes the perfect solution for elderly dog pets. Since these pets may lose the interest of traveling distances, it could turn out to be a real saver.

  • Your Dog is Shy

Some dogs just don’t stop being afraid or shy of new set-ups. And sometimes catching up with the rest of the pack to blend in the culture can take a couple of moments.

Even other dogs tend to anticipate this feeling. That’s why they’ll keep chasing after your pet in that dog or pet park.

 To keep the scares away and protect your dog, a stroller for large dogs will do. It enables your dog to relax inside, sleep and just watch the outside from the accessory.

You can do this until you are dead sure that the dog pet can withstand the pressures outside. And he’s not chased after by the other lot.

Different Types of Pet Strollers for Dogs

Pet strollers come in different types, applied with varied features. With many brands having entered the stroller industry, you expect a wide range of these accessories.

Let’s look at the types right next;

Travel Strollers

If you want to go out with your pet, travel strollers should be your preference. Perhaps you want to go for a vacation or a camping trip.

These strollers are supposed to be portable and collapsible. This is a key feature because you will need to tuck the stroller in the back seat or the trunk of your car.

As expected, the seats in travel strollers are designed to accommodate pets. While the wheels are the standard type as those you would see in baby strollers.

The enclosure can either be a zip-up screen or mesh. Both enclosures enable the pet to look outside as it’s rolled on.

A more advanced version of the stroller also offers a car seat. This seat can be detached and used in the car when need be.

Double Pet Stroller

If you have more than just one pet, a double pet stroller is your thing. Let your dog pets accompany each other on the trip.

The double pet stroller carries two dogs. One can sit above and another one below or alternative designs are such that the pets sit side-by-side.

The individual compartments are usually enclosed with screen or mesh. And the enclosure or the lid is applied with either top or front zippers to allow easy access to your pets.

Bicycle Strollers

The bicycle pet dog strollers are designed for cyclists’ dogs. These strollers are a necessity if your dog cannot keep up with your cycling speed when running after you.  

The strollers come with two wheels or three wheels. They are enclosed and hooked to the frame of your bike so that you will be dragging the accessory on the ride.

Once your dog is inside, you can now go the distance knowing that your dog has been taken good care of. The screen featured on these strollers offers the pet a great view of the outside environment.

All-Terrain Stroller

The all-terrain stroller can be used on both asphalt/tarmac roads and other surfaces other than these. You can use the stroller across lawn and grass fields.

Ride your dog on gravel or dirt roads and trails without problems with the stroller. If you are a beach person, this is the choice for your ill-pawed dog pet that doesn’t fancy walking on the sand.

The stroller is fitted with larger tires; one coming in the front and the other two in the rear end. With this set-up, the stroller has no problems tearing through the demanding sand or grass.

It has a very strong reliable suspension system. Which means that your dog is not going to be in the trouble of being thrown up or bounced around.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying Pet Stroller for Large Dogs

Oftentimes pet owners find themselves in difficult circumstances when shopping for strollers. There are many models, types and all of these come with varied features.

Obviously, this can confuse you. But not anymore, I am going to look at some of the key features to consider when buying the best pet stroller for large dogs.

Size and Capacity

The first thing to look for is the size. Consider the dimensions or measurements of the stroller because it’s actually the basic consideration in this case.

Large dogs require large space. Ensure that the capacity of the stroller allows for a minimum carriage of 50 pounds or more.

Suspension System

If you are planning for jogging, the suspension can come in handy. Your dog will relax well and you may also have the easiest time in your jogging exercise.

No matter how you use a pushchair with suspension, the dog will still be comfortable inside.


Another important feature is the tires. Some are plastic and small in size while others are tube tires.

Depending on your taste, make a suitable choice. Though anyone would tell that the latter types are better for comfort and ease of maneuverability if the stroller can be converted into a bike trailer.

But plastic types are the best for exploring the park turf.  


The travel pet stroller needs to be foldable or collapsible. That’s if you will be going for an outing or vacation with your dog.

The stroller will not just be quick to fold but also easy to assemble for use. Looking for a model that packs this feature is a huge plus for sojourners.

While shopping, you will find those models that can fold in just one push. But others, it will require a few more paces.

The good thing about foldable strollers is that they are easily portable.

Other Features

Other quick features you will be keen on include comfort, storage compartments, multiple pockets, snack tray and cup holder, waterproof canopy among many others.

These features are optional. So you can still stick to the basic features mentioned above and all will be okay.

Best Pet Stroller for Large Dogs Reviews

1.Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller

It’s pretty straightforward that the best large stroller for dogs is this Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller. The stroller comes with abundant space (32 inches X 22 inches X 23 inches) and capacity beyond the limits of your imagination.

With the weight capacity of 150 pounds, we believe that the stroller will hold your dog just fine. The stroller is constructed on a strong and stable frame for safety. While the low-ground build ensures that the pet simply alights and boards the “trailer” with minimum problems.

Coming with an adjustable height handle, you can be sure to set the height to the point of comfort and push the accessory with ease and convenience. The back, sides, and top of the stroller have been secured with a mesh for proper airflow in the structure.

The plastic wheels are sturdy and also swivel for easy maneuvering. This stroller folds and can be kept just behind the back seat or in the trunk of your car.


  • Large capacity
  • The height adjustability feature is good for comfort


  • The plastic wheels do not offer the best maneuverability
  • The dog must lie down in order to fit in well

2. Gen7Pets Premium Monaco Stroller

Gen7Pets Premium Monaco stroller lines up as another stroller for large senior dog. It combines a lightweight footprint – just 17 pounds only – and a stunning capacity of 60 pounds.

These make it an easy-to-handle stroller that can also accommodate large dogs for a walk. The pet stroller is built on an aluminum frame, the pet compartment is quite large for the size of your dog, and the construction feature a premium-fabric construction.

The Gen7Pets Premium Monaco is tailored to be luxurious. The stroller applies smart features, including a removable storage compartment for convenient shopping.

The canopy on this crate opens and closes with ease. And the shock absorbers on the wheels do not disappoint both the pet owner and the pet itself because the stroller still moves smoothly on the difficult terrain and surfaces.

The stroller is very spacious on the inside but looks smaller on the exterior. However, this doesn’t limit the movement of your pet.


  • The stroller is sturdy and comfortable for a ride
  • Lightweight and foldable for storage in the car trunk


  • A bit pricey but there’s value for money
  • it’s also long and you need to place it sideways for a proper fit in the trunk

3. DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

The DoggyRide Novel is not just the ordinary versions of strollers you’ve come to know, you can convert it into a bike trailer and enjoy the real-time adventure with your dog far away from home.

You will notice that this crate is the most expensive model of all on this list. But there’s an absolute value for money looking at the smart features on offer.

First, the aluminum frame ensures a sturdy build. And the spacious design can hold up to two senior Golden Retrievers or Boder Collies in the interior.  

Then the front and rear openings have made it easy for the dog to enter and exit the accessory. Mesh is used to secure the front, top and sides and allows for proper airflow.

You will effortlessly assemble the cart in a matter of minutes; set up the handlebar and all wheels in just a few minutes by pushing a button in the center of the wheel.

When it comes to jogging around, this stroller is pretty easy to push even on the hillside trails. The sturdy adjustable handlebar is great for a customized ride for the pet owner. The quick-release, large-pneumatic wheels glide on the surface without much force on the push.

And the stroller offers maximum comfort which is important for the quick, smooth recovery for an ailing pet.


  • it’s easy to assemble
  • very spacious for two large dogs


  • Highly-priced but you will love the results
  • Not enough space for extra-large dogs

4. HPZ Pet Rover XL Extra Long Premium Stroller

On this list, the heavy-duty model of the stroller for dog walking is the HPZ Pet Rover Premium Stroller. The accessory features heavy-duty construction and meant to serve your large dog perfectly.

The construction lies on a quality aluminum frame which is also durable and strong. While the stroller is built for carrying heavy pets, don’t mistake it to be equally bulky.

In fact, the crate is lightweight and you will find it easy and convenient to handle anywhere you go. The stroller has contemporary handles that are comfortable to hold when pushing it around.

As you prepare to leave for any walk, you will not have to bend each time to grab the pets into the stroller – HPZ Pet Rover Premium comes with rear-zippered entry point so that the dogs can simply jump into their haven without intervention from you.

When it comes to traversing terrain, that’s light work for this stroller. The front wheels can swivel in a 360-degree rotation, making the stroller roll over just about any surface without causing any trouble for the pet being transported.


  • Great for comfort even in rugged terrain
  • Heavy duty but lightweight


  • May have a few problems moving on sand

5. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Here is yet another pet stroller from Pet Gear. The stroller can carry your 70-pound dog pet with minimum fuss.

It comes with no zippers, which basically means that you will not have to struggle to open and close any zippers to let your dog access the interior.

You will love the fact that assembling the stroller takes just a few moments and it’s up and running (just the wheels only). The pneumatic tires are easy to inflate, and they are great for a smooth ride.


  • Pneumatic tires are great for easy movements
  • No zippers and the difficult job associated


  • The stroller doesn’t come with lots of features
  • It’s a bit pricey

Best Pet Stroller for Large Dogs: Conclusion

The only person who knows the experience of a pet is its owner. And it’s key that you provide the perfect conditions at all times for the best welfare.

Which means that for your sick, old, and obese dog pet, providing the best pet stroller for large dogs is a non-debatable opinion. You want to help him fight off the situation with bravery.

If you are undecided on the accessory to take home for your dog among the five options, let me help you. Our top pick is the Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller.

As mentioned before, this stroller comes with a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds. This simply shows the strength and stability of its overall construction.

It provides the maximum comfort for your pet. And the owner doesn’t have a hard time rolling it around because of the high-quality plastic tires that glide on the surface effortlessly.

To that end, make sure that the features of any stroller you want will meet your pet’s needs. All the best.

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