Best Mouse Cage Review and Ultimate Buying Guide.

One thing that is dissuading pet enthusiasts from owning a mouse as a pet is their size, which is relatively smaller compared to other pets. However, these little furry-yet-cute rodents can make a very awesome company as long as they are taken care of nicely. And which other better way to make them feel at home than looking for their home in a mouse cage?

There are many cages out there in the market from which you can pick one for your mouse. However, you need to get a great cage and this involves more than just picking, you have to choose the best. Which cage is the best? Well, here are the best mouse cages in the market right now.

Top 3 Mouse Cages

1 Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage    

Here are 8 of what we consider to be the best mouse cages in the market today.

8 Best Mouse Cages Reviews

  1. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

This is a very spacious cage whose space can comfortably house more than just one mouse without any need to modify. If especially you have two male mice, this cage provides them so much space and averts fights that are common with male mice.

Although looking simple, this cage is fully equipped. It comes with a water bottle where the mice can drink from, a wheel, a nesting area, a food bowl and a tunnel where your mice can play, exercise and be comfortable. On the side of this cage, there is a door which allows you access inside. The door is secured by two hooks which ensure that your mice do not escape accidentally.

The bottom of this cage is large and made using plastic of good quality. It not only traps debris from the cage but also offers your mice vast space to dig as they like. Assembling this cage is quite easy. In cleaning the cage, you will realize that the removable tray is easily removable hence emptying the contents like beddings and toys to clean the otherwise difficult-to-reach corners is relatively easy.

The top of this cage is made of a sturdy wire which helps you to hang toys and other treats that you may have for your mice. Knowing how small mice can be, the manufacturers ensured that the bar spacing is so small that no mouse squeezes through and escapes or gets stuck.

Despite the cage’s high price, it comes with the following benefits;

  • It has so much space
  • Constructed using sturdy metal wire
  • Great quality
  • A door that lets you access the inside of the cage
  • Comes with other accessories
  • Designed elegantly
2. Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat

This is another spacious option for your mouse as far as cages are concerned. Brilliantly designed, it offers your mice so much space to be active by playing, running around, climbing and resting.

It has a Patting Zone where you can interact with the mice easily. Just like Lixit, it also comes with added accessories like a water bottle, a food bowl, an exercise wheel that is both safe and silent, a couple of comfort shelves, a snap lock bubble plug and one climb bubble wave funnel.

Kaytee also allows you to add other accessories or furnish it with the presence of expandability ports. This cage is safe and provides a healthy home for your mouse as it is made using Super Protect Technology. The plastic and wire mesh construction make the cage adequately ventilated and this protects your pets from drafts.

This is a brightly colored mouse cage that is brilliantly designed for the comfort of your mouse. The components are mostly translucent and bright plastic which make the cage look great besides offering your pet some camouflage that it might be seeking instinctively despite the safety it enjoys.

It comes with a variety of benefits;

  • Has two comfortable levels for your mouse
  • Has yet quiet extreme wheel
  • Can be easily accessed thanks to the front access door
  • Has other accessories to make your mouse comfortable
  • Escape-proof as the bar spacing is ¼”.
  • It gives room for modification
  • You can easily get accessories from the company
  • IRIS Hamster Cage

A 3-level mouse cage that is a very great option for your pet mouse’s habitat. Designed homely with a beautiful design, the front of the cage is constructed using clear plastic. This lets you have a clear view of your pet fully. The sides of the cage are made using wires to enhance ventilation and allow your mouse to climb and exercise.

Unlike most cages, IRIS comes in different colors. This means that when you’re buying you have many options and can buy something to blend in with your décor or stand out, depending on how you like it. The ramps connecting the floors are non-slip and your mouse pet will find it easy climbing them.

To ensure that the pets are comfortable and active, this cage comes with accessories like a water bottle, a food dish and a wheel. There also is a small house made of plastic where the pets can shelter.

You can access inside the cage by using the two openings at the top or use the side door. This makes it very accessible in case you want to reach your pets or clean the cage. The top is joined to a plastic bottom that is deep enough for the mice to burrow in. The depth ensures that no dirt is splashed out during the burrowing through the wire mesh. The bottom is also removable to allow you clean and disinfect the cage.

With three levels, this cage is not only cute but also roomy enough for more than two mice. Its beautiful design and availability in various colors makes it one of the best options if you mind a lot about style and décor.

Here are some of the benefits you’re likely to enjoy with this mouse cage;

  • Availability in different colors
  • Easy accessibility with two rooftop doors and side door
  • Looks beautiful and homely
  • Comes with accessories
  • Well ventilated
  • Spin City Health Club Habitat

This multi-level cage comes with different fun gadgets to be used by your mice and you the owner for fun. These include a Critter Cyclometer, which will count the number of laps that your pet will run, a teeter totter and a slide.

The cyclometer has an exercise ball attached to it and it will show the number of revolutions that the wheel shall have made. It is a versatile cage that you can use with not just mice but gerbils, hamsters, dwarf hamsters and other small animals. The design is quite innovative and the entertainment aspect of it quite intriguing.

Maintenance is a piece of cake with this cage because it has features to help you. These features include a deep litter tray that avoids spills and a drip resistant water bottle that will prevent any water mess. It is hence easy to clean this cage, and easy to access as it also has a top that opens fully.

You will realize that this cage is so easy to snap together and assemble. Apart from the cyclometer and fun gadgets, the cage also has a dry erase pen and a chart that will aid you in tracking the exercise habits of your pet.

It comes with the following benefits;

  • Easy to clean and maintain with helpful features included
  • Spacious with different levels
  • A myriad of fun gadgets for you and your pet
  • Innovatively designed with much entertainment
  • Easy to assemble
  • You will take note of the exercising habit of your pet
  • Easy to access and clean
  • Ware manufacturing Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage For Small Pets

This is a 3-story cage that will provide ample and plenty of space for your mice to play in and rest. The three stories are connected to each other by a non-slip ramp which adds even more playing surface to the already vertically-large cage.

Included in the cage are different accessories meant for the sustenance of your mice. These include a water bottle and a food dish. The water bottle is attached in such a way that the mice will easily drink from it. The food bowl is set on the lower level at the corner so that the mice won’t tip it over.

The cage is manufactured using 100% wire which is great as it lets your pets enjoy fresh air circulation. Besides, the wire gives your mice a platform to exercise and climb if they feel like, and explore their surroundings. With the threat of the mice sneaking out through the wire mesh, the bar spacing is very small that they can’t squeeze through nor get stuck.

The wire is coated with powder that makes it unpleasant for the mice to chew. This makes it last long and saves your mice from any toxicity that might be accrued from chewing wires. The powder makes the wires taste bitter for the mice and an attempt to chew on them will stop soon, but doesn’t affect the mice.

Benefits with this cage include;

  • It is spacious
  • Small bar spacing won’t allow mice sneak out
  • Relatively cheaper compared to the other cages
  • Wires coated with powder to make them chew-proof
  • Hamster & Small Animal Home/Cage

Another cage with three levels, Hamster animal home has so much room for your pet’s movements. The size of this cage makes it suitable to carry more than two mice. The levels are connected by three non-slip ramps.

The cage comes with accessories such as an exercising wheel, a food dish and a water bottle. Sometimes you want to reach your pet and interact with it. This cage has a patting zone for that, which also acts as your mouse’s shelter.

Made of sturdy wire and quality plastic, this cage will stand the test of time and serve you for long. The upper is made of wire while the rest of it, the trays and the ramps, are made using sturdy plastic. This is great as the mice can’t chew the wires which are so strong.

The front of the cage has a door which will give you an access into the cage in case you want to clean or reach the pets for feeding or anything. At the bottom, a large plastic provides so much space where your pet can freely tunnel through its beddings. You can detach this base easily in case you want to clean it. As we pointed earlier, the nesting area which is also the patting area can provide shelter for your pet to hide in needs of privacy or just resting.

The narrow bar-spacing makes the cage escape-proof even for the smallest pets and protects them from any predating pet.

Assembly is quite easy.

Its benefits include;

  •  It is so easy to assemble
  • Has a patting area that also acts as a shelter to give your pet privacy
  • Has plenty of space
  • Small bar-spacing and escape-proof
  • Ferplast Favola Gerbil Cage

This cage offers your mice two floors to play, run around and do all they want to do. The two floors are connected to each other by a non-slip ramp. Just like most of the mouse cages we’ve looked at, Ferplast comes with accessories to help you cater for your pets. These accessories include a water bottle that has an indicator, a food dish, an exercise wheel and a nest.

The bottom floor is surrounded by translucent plastic which enables you see everything going on in there with your mouse. You can fill this bottom with beddings, most preferably sawdust, to act as its hiding place besides holding its waste. The top floor on the other hand is surrounded by a wire mesh with a very small bar spacing so that the mice neither sneak out nor are attacked by other pets from outside.

Ferplast is designed with an allowance given for more additions to be made in case expansion is needed. This is great if you want to increase more mice to your family as you won’t have to go buy a new bigger cage but just modify this.

The top has a small door and a hook to help you lock the cage and access it as you wish with ease. This is vital in case of an emergency where you need to quickly get out the mice, or you just want to clean and maintain the cage.

Check out these benefits that it comes with

  • An escape-proof wire mesh
  • Large space
  • Allowance to modify and expand
  • Comes with accessories
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy
  • Easy to see what’s going on with the transparent plastic
  • Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster and Gerbil Cage

This is the go-to cage for those people looking for a simple yet classy cage for their mice. This one here comes with everything in twos; two floors, two ramps and two houses. The lower level is connected to a plastic base that is deep enough to for your pet burrow into. The depth also helps that they don’t splash out anything just in case they are burrowing.

The upper part of the cage is constructed using a wire mesh with a 5/16” bar spacing that your mice can’t escape. The whole cage is 22.5 inches long, 12 inches wide and 12.5 inches high. The lower floor is a running area for your mice, with an exercise wheel to keep them active. The upper floor on the other hand has two houses on opposite sides for your mice to hide in case they need privacy or relax.

The plastic bottom is attached to the top wire mesh part by clips hence it is easy to detach and clean.

Benefits of this cage;

  • It is simple and will give your place a classy look
  • Available in two colors, Bordeaux red and lime green
  • Has two houses to give your mice privacy
  • Deep bottom that is easy to detach for cleaning

How To Choose The Best Mouse Cage

A mouse cage might be just that to you, a mouse cage, till something nasty happens and you’re slapped sense. Mice are delicate creatures and when looking for their home, ensure it’s the best for them. This isn’t limited to the 8 cages that we have reviewed above, no. You can land a good mouse cage, all you need to do is check out the following factors;

  1. Cage size. If you have one mouse, then you do not need a hell of a cage, unless you intend to increase the family. It is advisable however to buy a cage that accommodate at least two mice since these are very social animals and it might need a companion.
  2. Bar spacing. Get a mouse cage whose bar spacing is so narrow that no mouse can sneak through or even get stuck. Also, remember you are protecting the mice from intrusion as well.
  3. Design. Most cages have wire mesh uppers and plastic bases. These are best since ventilation is great. Also, go for a cage with accessories and if the cage allows for modification to be expanded, the better.
  4. Accessibility. Ensure that you can easily and quickly access the cage when you want to.
  5. Material. The material of the cage in most cases determines the durability of the cage. Go for cages made of metal as plastic ones tend to break.

What Makes A Good Mouse Cage?

A good mouse cage ought to be spacious and comfortable to your mouse. Mice being as playful as they are, the cage should at least have an exercise wheel and any other toy if possible. It should also have an enclosed place where your pet will go and hide in case it needs privacy.

Mice have a poor eyesight so it is important that you avoid cages that are so high, a climbing mouse might fall

Types of Mouse Cages

There are two types of mouse cages;

  • Wire mouse cages
  • Glass tanks

Wire Mouse Cages

This is the commonest type of cages. It’s because this type is cheaper than glass tanks and has great ventilation. Wire cages also let the pet climb and interact with even from the outside.

Glass Tanks

This is the type of cage that gives no opportunity to the mouse to escape. It is easy to clean. It is best for that home with many pets that might predate on the mice.

Final Verdict on the best mouse cage

We hope the above information helps you get a great cage for your mice. It is important to note that price does not always mean you’re getting what you need. Consider the factors you need and then look for a cage that will suit your needs and those of your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a mouse cage

Take out and rinse all the accessories with soap and clean water. Then change any bedding that might be soiled.

How to keep a mouse cage from smelling

You can put some baking soda in the cage under the beddings after cleaning or get an animal-safe deodorant.

How to set up a mouse cage.
  1. Get a cage that has tiny bar spaces (at most 9 mm apart) for mice since they are very small.
  2. Select a room which is secure and safe.
  3. Position it in a place that receives natural light throughout the day but not directly
  4. Ensure the place is silent and away from any noise
  5. Room temperature should be ranging from 18 to 22 degrees.
  6. Spread the cage bottom with at least 7.6 cm of soft beddings
  7. Place water and food in the cage
  8. Add toys in the cage
How much is a mouse cage?

Different cages have different price tags but with $50, you can get a good cage.

What can I disinfect my mouse cage with?

You can use soap or an antibacterial dish soap.

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