Best Heated Dog House for Winter

 Heated Dog House for Winter

As an owner of a dog pet, the Winter Fall can pack a fuss in terms of housing. While it depends on where you prefer the dog to stay, a dog house with insulation or a heated dog house for winter is perfect for protecting the dog from snow and lowly temperatures.

Hello, call me Myles (or simply Miles) and I am penning this down to share my own thoughts with you as a pet lover. I keep 2 beautiful pooches – one, Bloom, is a Yorkshire Terrier and just 7 years of age.

And the sister, who’s a German Shepherd, loves being called Stella. I had initially tried to call her something else and she deliberately refused to give me a look, let alone a tail wag.

Both of these elegant beauties love outdoor environments. In winter, I have two options: provide heaters to supply heat or simply install a winter house for dog

But I went on to secure two different kennels for my two dogs. The houses are great at what they do – they are designed to block ambient air from sneaking into the dog house interior.  

I want to ensure that the dogs don’t suffer cold (they are not like me; they don’t generate enough internal heat).

In this guide, I will share a few things about dog houses, including the best-heated dog house for winter.  

Before shifting further down, my top pick is the ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace and the Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Outdoor Winter House. Both are durable and great insulators. You don’t take time to assemble them too.

Why Would You Need a Heated Dog House for Winter?

During the normal nights in normal/hot weather, it’s absolutely fine to keep the dog in the house with a suitable choice of bedding material. This will still keep your dog cozy and warm through the cool nights.

When it comes to those three winter months, however, the plummet of temperatures can be damaging. A little extra heating is required to make sure that temperatures are checked.

Sick dogs would benefit a great deal as well as young pups. These two categories of dogs usually need extra care – a warm environment is just but one of those conditions they’ll need.

A heated dog house for winter keeps away the elements of draught. A dog exposed to sneaky, continuous spills of light wind can look healthy for a time.

But in the long run, you will notice tale-tell signs of a troubled canine. And I am talking about the winds having an impact on the health of your pet – coming down with pneumonia is not a far-fetched process.  

The heated house is ideal for the comfort of your dog. While resting, there’s nothing uplifting for my little pets as having cozy bedding where they can breathe out their tiredness after a long day out.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Heated Dog House for Winter

A great dog kennel is supposed to supply heat into the house while allowing little or nothing to escape to the immediate surroundings. There is a number of things one needs to look for when selecting a kennel.

Here is a list of stuff to consider

  1. Size of the Kennel

 Of importance is the size of the dog house. The dimensions of the dog house are usually predetermined by the size of the do you are keeping.

Which means before you buy the house, measure your dog’s length, its height, and the dog’s shoulder and chest. You can do all this work using a measuring tape.

Remember these measurements are key so that your dog fits in the kennel well. It should be able to move around freely.

Although you want to be moderate with the sizing of the house. Too large and your dog will end up losing too much heat around.

The general talking point is: the interior should be wide and long enough. And the height should be greater a bit (some dogs love to do the Marmaduke and slam forward towards their destinations).

  • Durability

Another key feature of the heated dog house for winter is durability. Come to understand (I know you do) that cold has the same impact on the structures and gear as well as it’s harsh on the pets themselves.

Things like mud, rain, cold, dirt, mold, bacteria do not just affect the dog only. The house can also be affected – the rains cause molds and speed the rotting or decay of the wood and other gear like bedding.

If this house is not checked weekly or regularly, storms and winds can even shoot it down crumbling.  The stakes that your dog will be seriously affected are high and up.

So, ensure that the materials, including wood used to construct the house for your dog, is treated to withstand these factors.

  • Materials Used to Build the House

Ideally, the materials for a dog house design for winter should be of high-quality. They need to be superb at insulating heat. So you want thick materials for thicker walls that can block cold from entering inside.

Don’t waste your time on metals or tins for winter houses. Tins for winter? You can’t do this as tins are great at absorbing heat and making surfaces cold.

In addition to waterproofness, and durability, a great kennel must be well ventilated. And I can tell this from the kind of materials used to build the structure.

Proper ventilation ensures that the house is free from humidity. As you know, stuffy and humid conditions are the predisposing factors to a myriad of dog diseases and medical conditions.

It’s very easy for your dog to come down with pneumonia, bronchitis, or other parasitic germs if the house is poorly ventilated. Which means that you have to look for a breathable house made of wood or plastic.

To put these two materials into perspective, wood is normally used on inside walls of the dog house for winter weather. This wood is coated with epoxy that turns the wood surface hard, makes it durable and also resistant to stains, abrasion, and chemicals.

Plastic, on the other hand, is easy to clean and disinfect. They are also durable.

  • Warranty

Check the warranty for the house. This is something that will cost possibly a few hundred dollars or even more.

It’s actually a long term investment. Thus, you don’t want to panic-buy.

Warranty for dog houses that come with fan systems, heating sources, air conditioners and all these types of expensive fitments is a must. In case of a halt in function, it’s easy to return the accessory to the manufacturer for repair.

Always buy the dog houses with extended warranty periods.

5 Best Heated Dog House for Winter Reviews

1. Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Winter House

Confidence Pet has brought forth a great outdoor kennel here. The dog house comes with enough space inside to allow your dog make movements without hunching a lot.

As its title suggests, the pet house is waterproof and its construction was keenly engineered. The dog house is sturdy as the construction is mainly out of thickened plastic material.

Plastic comes with a number of advantages. That’s why the house can be cleaned efficiently while setting it up for use is a breeze.

This is one of the rare designs that mimic the cool suburban home styles. You can be sure that your dog will enjoy going through the entrance that comes with a medium size.

If your dog is bigger, there are those houses with larger door entrances as well.  Coming as a waterproof solution, this kennel is the perfect treatment to the many draft related diseases that may trouble your dog.


  • Tough and durable
  • Spacious


  • Some problems with assembly
  • The plastic floor may break.

2. ASL Dog Palace Large House

Whether you have a small, medium or large dog pets (although I would recommend for tall dogs), this Dog Palace Large House by ASL Solutions is another go-for accessory for the next winter. So where are your Greyhounds and Whippets? This is their house.

The house is not very wide but when it comes to depth and height, it’s a snap deal. The construction of the house is such that it’s lifted off the ground about 4 inches.

This is to ensure that there are no chills or wetness up on the floor. The entire structure is created using recycled ESP foam panels – which are great insulation materials that are used for construction.

To assemble this kennel, you don’t need any skill or experience. And it’s practically going to take you only a couple of minutes.


  • Self-closing door
  • Can house large dogs


  • Quite expensive
  • Not sensible for smaller-sized dogs

3. Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Dog Kennel

The construction of this Pets Imperial Extra Large Dog Kennel is just phenomenal. Wood has been used to put together the 154-pound capacity kennel.

The house is said to be water-resistant on its lumber exterior according to the many buyers who’ve used it before or are still using it. The interior walls are well finished with timber panels, Styrofoam and then a plywood board insulation – all these panels are insulated for maximum heat retention.

The wood used on this kennel can keep for a very long time while the kennel itself is raised some 2” off the ground. The legs are capped on their tips and can be adjusted.

An interesting feature is a removable floor which can be lifted off and the roof that opens up to allow access inside. This is a great combination for the easy cleaning of the house.

This awesomely-built little den is applied with an easy-to-use door. And this entrance is covered with some plastic covered blinds that help to reduce the wind flow.


  • Great insulation
  • Easy to clean for improved hygiene


  • Need to remove the plastid door flaps
  • Some complaints the weight capacity

4. Petmate Indigo with Microban

The cleverly igloo-shaped Petmate Indigo with Microban is what exactly your dog requires across the seasons of the year. The dog house has been designed such that it lets your doggie feel at ease during the summer when the heat is rising.

And provides heat in the winter when temperature readings are at subzero. This makes the house a versatile accessory that comes handy for those guys with constrained budgets and do not want the cyclic hassle of looking for a house each season of the year.

The heavy-duty construction of this model is not only great for insulation but it also allows convenient cleanup. It comes with plenty of space.

Its roof is properly ventilated for efficient air circulation. This is great for the comfort and health of your canine friend.

The floors of this “den” are raised and are also featured with side moats that release of the urine or liquids in the house and keeps your doggie dry always.


  • Microban technology keep the house clean for long
  • Well ventilated


  • Sizing issues
  • A bulky accessory.

5. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

My last recommendation is this Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace by ASL Solutions again. According to some reviewers I came across, they considered this housing as one of the top best and the finest.

Coming with an electrical floor heater, the supply of heat or warmth is continuous. Which makes the freezing temperatures outside a paltry thing as your dog is ultimately protected from the cold of any degree.

The wall construction is layered with high-grade Styrofoam EPS material to add to the insulation capability of the house. The self-closing door features a window that the dog can look through to see the goings-on outside and the door is also insulated.

Assembly of this structure is quite easy. Cleaning is a breeze as the floor slants slightly into a drain hole.

In addition, the upper part of the palace can be removed and this gives your dog a different experience especially if it’s still learning how to use the house.


  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with an electrical heater on the floor


  • Pricey

In Conclusion

Remember that your dog needs a heated dog house for winter if you want it outdoors rather than stay with you inside your home. Winter weather comes with a fair share of its problems and vexations.

And the least you want for your dog is to go through these outbursts.

For purposes of your easy selection, I highly recommend the Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater as the best heated dog house for winter. It’s highly comfortable, and a continuous supply of heat that will keep your dog warm and cozy all through.

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