Best Dog Houses for German Shepherd for Comfort and Safety

Not all times will your canine friend be needed around you. And not all times would you let him or her stay in the house either.

My name is Calum. My affection for German Shepherds landed me a dearest pooch (Rickie) that has now been my loyal companion for 3 years.

He’s a playful thing and that’s what he loves. Because Rickie is a GSD and guarding is in the blood, I can’t overemphasize his importance to me.

So I have always wanted the best for him. The first thing, which I must say wasn’t the easiest job, was locating the best dog house for him.

The best dog houses for German Shepherd are not just littered on the market. What this meant is that I had to do some specific research into these houses.

Luckily, I stumbled over a number of interesting options. My top pick is the Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House which comes with a slightly unique classic design, weatherproof and with a porch and window.  

The Best Dog House For Germany Shepherd

Let’s dive into the details of these and much more right away.

Why Would I Have My Dog Sheltered in Its Own House?

Whether you are planning to shelter your German Shepherd in an indoor kennel or outdoor kennel, the benefits of these structures cannot be understated. Overall, the dog house ensures that your dog is perfectly sheltered and comfortable.

Your dog needs a dog house for the following reasons:

  • Kennels Provide Enough Room

Keep in your mind that your dog is a playful head. Therefore, he would need enough space for the run-ins, jump-ups and all sorts of games.

All of which are provided by a kennel. One thing I come to appreciate about dog houses is that I can leave my Rickie without a leash and I am not worried at all.

My dog won’t only just play, he will also be free to rest and sleep. Give your dog some toys, food, water, and bedding and he’ll be okay.

  • Your Dog is Safe and Comfortable

Your dog wants to feel safe and comfortable, at ease and relaxed. German shepherd house provides safety to both the dog itself and the people living around it.

Your dog won’t dig into some harmful plants in the garden that might cause harm to it. You should have installed cozy bedding to keep your dog comfortable while it sleeps or rests.

In addition, kennels usually come with great ventilation to make your pet enjoy the fresh air and proper lighting from the outside.

  • Great During Travel

Transporting a dog in its crate could be a lot easier than when you have to ride along with it seated on the backseat. Besides sticking fur all over the car seat, it can also go through the stress of balancing off as you ride.

Portable kennels will make it easy for you to carry your pet wherever you wish to go with it. Don’t suffer your dog by leashing it every other moment.

As long as you can carry the house easily, this is going to be the perfect accessory that keeps your pet safe while enabling you to move around with it.

  • Key for House-Training

If you will want to house-train your dog, it will demand your real commitment. There’s a need for patience.

A good dog house for your German Shepherd will make light the task on your shoulder. Actually, you may only have to teach your dog where to poop when in such a situation, among a few other things.

  • Cheaper than Fencing

Enhancing the privacy of your pooch by fencing off is a spot-on idea. But it’s quite expensive compared to buying a kennel.

You will need to fence off to protect, most of the times, a very extensive area. This could hike your budget as you literally would need to spend thousands of dollars.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog House for German Shepherd

It is not going to be a walk in the park buying a dog house for your German Shepherd. There are too many rings and bells in the market.

However, your key focus to get a quality structure. And here are the kind of things to consider for a dog house:

  1. Size of the Kennel

German Shepherds are breeds that grow to medium and even large sizes in their adult stages. What this means is that you need to find a house big enough to accommodate it just perfectly.

When looking at size, ask a few questions. Is it good enough such that the dog enters and exits on the go? Is turning free, not interfered?

If all these questions receive positive answers, then it’s an assurance that the dog will feel comfortable inside.

What you need to avoid is looking for a small house, or perhaps too big that the dog will convert some corner into a damping spot.

2. Material, Design, and Construction

Be careful about the model of the house you decide to purchase. This kennel should be made from high-quality, durable materials.

The design should allow easy cleaning and handling of the interior. While the overall construction of this structure should be solid and very stable to accommodate the growing size and weight of the dog.

Some kennels are constructed of wood only, others plastic and some a mix of the two materials. A few are crafted using metal such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

If you buy wood houses, consider the treated timber. Such wood should be able to resist pests and water; you also have to watch your pet; it may just have found itself a tastier snack.

Plastic and wood houses are cheaper options compared to their metal counterparts. Plastic is durable, water-resistant and doesn’t decay.

You don’t need to hassle carrying the plastic house around. This is the complete opposite of wood and metal houses.

3. Raised Floors

Any German Shepherd outdoor house should be raised from the ground. You don’t want your pet to suffer from the draft because of the wetness sucking up on the floor.

Before you buy the house, check to ensure that it’s slightly raised some inches from the ground. Again, it should be slanted a bit to encourage proper drainage in case water sneaks into the house.

  • Other Features

These include:

  • Roof Design

You want the roof of the kennel to come with a sloped roof. So that when it rains, there will be no water stagnating on the rooftop – a situation that may lead to a little breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Insulation

The best dog house for German Shepherd in winter should be well insulated to counter the subzero temperatures. Insulation ensures that your dog doesn’t encounter the cold conditions of the cold winters.

  • Lockable Doors

Make sure that your dog house has reliable doors that you can lock anytime you are not around. This helps the dog to stay inside, to rest and wait for its perfect time to come out.

Best Dog House for German Shepherd Reviews

  1. ASL Solutions Dog Palace Large Dog House

Coming off as an ideal solution for pet owners that need to keep their dogs warm through the winter, the Dog Palace is elaborately constructed.

The panels that are used to build it are all insulated. Which means that your dog pet has extra protection from the harsh-cold weather.

The dog house is quite spacious – just the perfect size for your increasing pet. It also looks elegant, sturdy and raised about 4 inches from the ground.

You can add a dog mat on the insulated floor for greater comfort of your dog. The easy-pass through the door doesn’t stand in the way of your dog as he enters or exits; it’s self-closing design.

The only problem will come when the dog is still new to this house. You need to train it properly.

The little triangular-shaped window pane is see-through. Your dog may want to enjoy the outside environments.


  • Insulated dog house
  • Elaborate construction and elegant design


  • It’s a pricey one

2. Petmate Indigo W/Microban

This Igloo dog house design comes with an impressive construction- a heavy-duty dog house that your large German Shepherd would definitely love. Keeps away heavy winds and cold elements as well as offering great overall ventilation.

The kennel is distinguished by its functional versatility. This is to say that it can be used both in the summer and winter seasons without any fuss, thanks to the insulation.

Petmate Indigo with Microban is perforated with vents on top of the roof. This is meant to increase its efficiency of air circulation inside the house.

The manufacturers claim that the Microban Antimicrobial Protection feature will help suppress any outcrop of harmful bacteria. This is good news for the health of your dog.

The fact that Petmate Indigo Dog house comes with raised floors is vital if your dog has to be dry and warm. In addition, the floor is applied with side boats that drain away liquids off the floor.


  • Sturdy, stylistic build
  • Offers great insulation


  • There might be some sizing issues

3. Cool Pet Zone Tuff-n-Rugged Dog House

The Cool Pet Zone Tuff-n-Rugged is not an old product in the industry but the few people that have purchased the dog house are happy and satisfied according to the reviews on amazon.

This unit features a very sturdy plastic construction with a spacious interior that is able to accommodate the large and medium-sized dogs of the breed of German Shepherds, Leonberger, Great Dane, and the tribe.

The Tuff-n-Rugged is impressively built with double walls meant to offer 10x the insulation that can be provided by the normal single-walled dog houses. The US-made accessory is an all-weather dog house.

It keeps the dog warm in the winter and cool in summer; offering your doggie the maximum comfort it deserves any time of the year.

The roof of the dog house is not only tidy and palace-like, but it also boasts some of the most durable plastic material that is also UV-resistant. The roof comes off for easy access and cleaning of the interior.


  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • Great size for large dogs


  • Its value is unknown; still new

4. Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel

The Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel is one-size-fits-all designer doghouse. The kennel is ideal across all seasons which means that you will accommodate your dog both in winter and summer just fine.

The doghouse construction is excellent having featured sturdy and tough waterproof plastic material that’s also durable.

In addition, your dog will enjoy ample space to play, eat, and rest as the structure offers a massive personal area for your large dog.

Assembly of the house is a breeze, the entrance big enough for effortless entry and exit of the pet. You can get the houses in different sizes; medium dog kennel, large dog kennel, and extra-large kennel – so choose your perfect package.


  • Durable
  • All-weather protection


  • No much insulation

5. Petsfit Wooden Dog House

The Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House comes in five different sizes; from the small breeds of dogs to the largest ones.

Coming off with a weatherproof interior and a removable floor for ease of cleaning, this doghouse is one of the best personal spaces you can ever desire to hold your dog.

The assembly of the kennel is a breeze with pre-drilled holes around the wood posts and panels. The lift-off roof makes it easy to access your pet and interact with him.

You can also take advantage of the removable top for easy cleaning, as well as adding more bedding or blankets and ensure that your dog is living in comfort and coziness.

The small window in the front of the kennel gives your dog a view of the outside and it’s an entry point of fresh air for your dog. The door features flaps that maximize protection from rain and weather elements.


  • Elegant and unique design
  • Easy assembly


  • Insulation is not the best

In Conclusion:

As I wrap this up, I must remind you that the best dog house for German Shepherd has to offer your doggie friend the best environment for comfort and security. In that regard, my top pick remains this Petsfit Wooden Dog House.

The kennel is weatherproof, comes with a porch area, and the lift-up top cover is a great inspiration. The only flaw is the limited insulation properties of the walls of the dog house.

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