Best Chinchilla Cages For Comfort-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A chinchilla is not only agile but also very intelligent creatures. They are quite furry and their fur is very soft. Chinchilla’s are so cute and will make a very lovely pet. In having a chinchilla as a pet, the one most vital thing you should have is a cage. And we are here to guide you step by step to see that you and your chinchilla.

Top 3 Bet Chinchilla cages

Position Name Picture
1   Midwest Critter Nation with Stand      
2     Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage    
3   Living World Deluxe Habitat      

Factors to consider when buying a chinchilla cage.

While buying a cage might seem an easy task, it in fact can be very involving as the market has very many chinchilla cages. With the fact that you are looking for the best cage for your chinchilla and not just any cage, it is even as hectic as it is important. To guide you in the buying process of the chinchilla cage, it is important that you consider the following factors;

  • Size

Chinchillas want to be very active as they are so agile. Being active will help them be stimulated always and stay healthy. To give them enough room and space to stay active, you require a large cage. Lack of stimulation and exercise in chinchillas can lead to neurotic behavior and stimulation, and this can be caused by a small-sized cage. If you do not have enough space for a large chinchilla cage, it is advisable that you get a tall cage which will provide large vertical room which they can use.

  • Material

Chinchillas like chewing away whatever is chewable to them and with that voraciousness, it is better to avoid anything they can chew. Top of the list is plastic. Avoid plastic cages as they could not only be destroyed but harmful to the chinchillas that chew them. Wood and wire mesh make the best types of chinchillas. Wire mesh cages are more popular because of ventilations and ease to clean. If the bottom is made of wire mesh however it might be hazardous to the chinchillas as walking on wire mesh for your pet will be uncomfortable and will cause pressure on their feet or their feet might get stuck.

  • Accessibility

You should look at the accessibility of the cage. This is by the number and nature of doors that the cage has. You should reach everywhere in the cage in case you intend to clean the cage or just reach your chinchilla.

  • Ease to clean

You should find it easy to clean your pet’s cage. Most cages come with removable solid trays that trap all the waste in the cage. Your pet should stay in a clean environment always and that means the cleaning should be frequent. A cage that has multiple doors and a removable tray to assist you in cleaning is the best.

  • Safety & Security

This is very vital when looking for a cage for your chinchilla. Your pet should be safe from every possible danger. To be sure of the safety level of a given cage, look at its material, it’s weight and sturdiness, the type of door used should be heavy, any plastic accessory is a no, wire mesh shelves and ramps can be hazardous, and avoid any cage that is painted lest your chinchilla ingests that paint.

  • Accessories

As we mentioned earlier, chinchillas are so intelligent. To keep them physically and mentally stimulated, it is important that you buy a cage that has accessories that they will use to play. This can include toys, hideouts, chews and many more.

Here are 10 of the best chinchilla cages in the market currently.

Best Chinchilla Cages

  1. Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

This multi-story cage is among the most popular, not just for chinchilla pet keepers but also many other pet keepers. It comes with an option of buying it as a single unit or the multi-storied one. It is best to note that chinchillas are always moving or jumping and in fact, they are very social creatures. Which prompts you to adopt more than just one chinchilla and that will mean you go for the large cages with multiple stories, where MidWest Critter Nation will be the best pick.

With full-width double-doors, this cage gives you full access to the interior part of it every time you need it, whether to clean it or to reach for your pet in case of emergencies. The size of this cage is suitable for your jumpy pets and is spacious to accommodate more accessories and fun toys. Some of the fun toys are a food dish and a water bottle, the former placed not to tip over and the latter attached where your chinchilla will easily drink from it.

MidWest Critter Nation comes with four levels. The bottom platform is fully covered by a pan that traps all the waste that will be produced in the cage by the pets and any other substance. This makes your cleaning so easy. Besides this, there is one adjustable shelf that is connected to the pan by a ramp. The ramp is non-slip. A ramp also leads from the shelf to the second floor which also acts as the third shelf and has a ramp leading to the fourth shelf. The ramps are non-slip and the shelves plus solid. This ensures that your chinchillas have an easy time going up and down the shelves which you can decide to cover with fleece or beddings.

This cage is heavy duty made of stainless steel and has a finish of shiny gray quartz powder coat. Your pets have enough space all for themselves, and enough bar spacing to allow air in and out of the cage. However, the spacing is only half an inch so they can’t manage to squeeze themselves out of the cage.

The manufacturers also had you in mind as they made it very accessible thanks to the full-width double doors. Besides, the cage is expandable and that gives you a choice to expand it once your chinchilla family expands. You will just buy accessories and add them to the existing cage to add more units.

This cage is placed on four caster wheels to make it easy for mobility. It comes with a myriad of benefits;

  • It is made of stainless steel hence sturdy and durable
  • Has a solid surface which does not hurt your pet’s feet
  • The shelves are removable and height-adjustable
  • Non-slip ramps which add to the cage’s stability
  • It is easily accessible
  • Easy to clean
  • Very secure and safe for your chinchilla
  • You can expand it two more cages as it is expandable
  • Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Although marketed as a cage for Ferrets, this product from Hendryx is a great acquisition if you are looking for a home to your chinchillas. Made of wire mesh, this is a multi-level cage with four levels for your pets. As you can already tell, that is room enough to house more than just one chinchilla. A floor pan at the bottom level helps trap all the debris produced from the cage so that when you want to clean the cage you find it super-easy.

The available room in this cage and height of 54 inches will keep your chinchilla busy climbing and doing all sorts of activities while they remain secure and safe. The bars have a 7/8 inch spacing between them which will allow so much air in and out of the cage but will not allow the chinchilla out.

Two escape-proof doors help in ensuring that even the strongest chinchilla does not break out of the cage. On lazy days, your pet can enjoy a rest on a hammock that hangs from the roof of the third level, which also acts as the second floor of the cage. This cage makes it easy for you to separate male and female chinchillas so you can actually separate the unit to two separate cages.

Below the lower level of the cage, there is a storage shelf where you can store supplies for the chinchillas and other accessories. To make the chinchilla easily movable, there are four caster wheels that move in all directions. The ramps are wide, made of plastic which won’t affect the pets’ feet. It however is advisable to get rid of the plastic on these ramps and add solid floors since they can be chewed on by the chewy chinchilla.

Benefits of having this cage;

  • You can divide it into two and separate the chinchillas to male and female
  • It comes with an extra storage shelf below it
  • Easy to access and clean with the two doors
  • Is roomy and has four levels for your pets to jump and run
  • Easily movable
  • Living World Deluxe Habitat

Despite being marketed as a cage for Ferrets, this cage by Living World is one of the best acquisitions for anybody keeping chinchillas. Chinchillas are relatively larger compared to Ferrets, which make this cage suitable for the latter. It comes with two levels and that alone makes it suitable to house two or more chinchillas.

Measuring 24” x 36” x 62.5”, this cage has the capacity to house your chinchillas and give them enough room to play, jump and do all manner of activities. The large space also gives you room to add any accessories that your pets might need, like the food dish and water bottle or fun toys that your intelligent pet will need.

With a simple design that doesn’t have stories like most cages, this cage cares about you and if you feel like the height is not perfect for you or what you need, you can modify it to something less. The cage has two platforms and two full-width shelves. These are connected by three ramps that are made of plastic but sturdy. A nice blue material covers the ramps to provide stability and protect your pet’s feet.

Accessing the interior of this cage is quite easy thanks to the full-width double doors. If in any case you want to reach your chinchillas or you intend to clean the cage, then it will be quite easy, the latter coupled with the fact that the floors are made of heavy duty plastic. The cage exterior is made using heavy duty and stain resistant steel bars that are also chew-resistant. Your pet can’t chew and pass through the bars just as they also can’t squeeze through as the bar spacing is quite narrow.

You will find ease in cleaning, installing and maintaining this cage. What’s more, it comes with a storage area below it where you can store the pets’ supplies or anything that can be accommodated in the shelf.

Here are the benefits you enjoy with it;

  • It comes with a storage shelf under it
  • Built using sturdy, chew-proof and stain-resistant metal
  • The floors won’t cause any harm to your pet’s feet
  • Easy to assemble, clean and maintain
  • Easily accessible
  • Homey Pet 3-Tier Chinchilla crate

When chinchillas are confined in their cages, they are most likely to be affected if they get bored and feel alone. In fact, we mentioned earlier that it affects their mental health. The best way to eliminate this feeling while still keeping the Chinchilla caged is by looking for a large cage that can accommodate a chinchilla and a companion or more. Homey Pet 3-Tier crate is such a cage.

Although the main material used to construct this cage is plastic, the wires are metallic so the cage is strong enough to withstand the bites and weight of your pet. The wires are coated with a non-toxic coating which keeps the pets off from chewing on them. With a spacing of 4/5” inches, these agile and sneaky pets will not find it possible to get through or even get stuck in their trial process. This cage can also be collapsed for easy storage. Add this to the presence of caster wheels at the bottom and this cage is very easy to move around. You will also find it easy in cleaning as it has a removable tray at the bottom. The bottom floor is made of plastic below which is a urine guard. The urine guard traps all the waste that will be generated in the cage so that it doesn’t stay and cause sickness to your chins. Then you can clean it up at your own time.

What’s more, this cage is available in three different distinct colors; baby blue, pastel pink and chocolate brown. This gives you a variety of options to choose from if you are mindful of your décor hence need something to blend or stand out.

The cage measures 26” x 17” x 38”.

Benefits of Homey Pet 3-tier chinchilla crate;

  • Easy to clean
  • Has a urine guard
  • Sturdy
  • Secure and safe
  • Caster wheels make it easy to move
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Available in different colors
  • Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

If you went through amazon reviews for chinchilla cages, chances are that you may skip through this cage since it has just a handful of reviews. However, this is one of the best cages. Remember that chinchillas have a life span of up to two decades hence you need a cage that will last you long. Measuring 48” x 30” x 24”, this cage will excite you if you are looking for a two-storied cage manufactured with utmost craftsmanship.

This US-made cage has no single component that can pose a threat to the safety of your pet. It is fully constructed using metal and some components are wooden and no plastic. The heavy duty wire mesh is chew-proof and secure. It is coated with a powder finish.

Security is enhanced by a 1” x 1” wiring that keeps any predator out and won’t allow the chinchillas out and a two doors that have trimmed metal guards. The cage has four solid wooden shelves made of pine for the chinchillas to relax on. Cleaning this cage is easy because of the removable wooden shelves and tray. The cage also has a metal sheet enclosing the tray which instantly flaps closed whenever you’ve pulled out the tray for cleaning so that the pets don’t get out.

This cage comes with the following benefits;

  • Heavy duty
  • Constructed using metal
  • Secure
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Well-designed
  • durable

What do Chinchillas need in their cage?

For a chinchilla to feel at home, your cage should be more than just wire mesh and floors. You should make it feel at home and not in solitary confinement. In these regards, ensure you have the following in your cage for your chinchilla;

  1. Space. This is non-negotiable. You have acquired a rodent that is agile and very athletic. It will spend most of its time jumping up and running around. Ensure you have space around the pet, and that calls for buying a large cage.
  2. Companion. If you have just one chinchilla, then know that it is stressed and a companion would spin things around. Chinchillas are social creatures, loneliness affect them.
  3. Beddings. Between the jumping and running, a chinchilla gets tired and needs a rest. Include comfortable bedding in the cage. Ensure you change the beddings quite often and clean them.
  4. Water and food containers. Chinchillas do not have a eating pattern, which means they eat when they feel hungry and there is food accessible. Ensure you have a water bottle that is always filled with water and also a food dish. The two should be stable, not to be toppled over by the ever-jumping Chinchilla.
  5. Hideouts. Just like in their natural habitat, chinchillas like to hide sometimes due to anxiety or as part of their activities. Ensure as you set up your cage, if it doesn’t have anything that the pet can hide in for privacy then you modify one.
  6. Dust bath. In keeping the chinchilla feel like it’s home, introduce a container with any form of dust, whether soil or saw dust. The container should be large enough to accommodate the rodent and the dust should be at least half way so that it doesn’t spill out. This is because rodents like rolling over soil and dust in their natural habitats as a way of grooming themselves. If you put a container with dust as deep as 2-4 inches deep, you’ll realize that the chinchillas take a dust bath on their own. Do it every day for at least ten minutes, it makes their skins healthy and keeps them fury.
  7. Toys. Chinchillas are very active and intelligent. Apart from jumping and playing on their own, they also will absolutely love playing around with toys and this will keep their intelligence in check.

Final verdict on best chinchilla cages

Buying a chinchilla cage should not be as difficult as it usually turns out to be. With proper knowledge and a good budget, you can get your preferred type of cage. While an expensive cage doesn’t necessarily mean a better cage, you should not compromise quality over cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bedding is best for chinchillas?

The bedding should be soft. The best bedding is fleece fabric as the chinchilla will chew any thread seen.

Do Chinchillas have to be in a cage?

Since they are always jumping and running around, it is important that you cage them. Besides, they like chewing and if you let them freely roam in your house, they will chew your clothes and other stuffs. However, it is advisable to let them out of the cage to run around the house for some time every day under your watchful eye.

What wood is safe for chinchillas?

Some wood are unsafe for chinchillas while others are safe. The safe wood for chinchillas are;

  • Pear
  • Pine
  • Maple
  • Elm
  • Birch
  • Manzanite
  • Ash
  • Apple
  • Hazelnut

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