Waterproof Dog Coats that Cover Belly

The winter is fast approaching and it’s never the fanciest season for pets, at least for dogs. As temperatures dip below 40 F, some dogs cannot just put up.  As an avid pet keeper, I have strived to make sure that my 3-year-old Christie is not stunned by the winter dip.  Christie is not your hardcore gal in the chills. She practically pulls into shivers and she cannot just take it. After all, her coat isn’t that overly-furred.  I learned how super important covering the dog’s belly was when I visited the Vet. He recommended a list of substantial waterproof …

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Best Cat Carriers for Long Car Trips

best cat carrier for long car trips

If you will be going away from your home for a couple of days, it’s prudent to have a solid plan for your feline. You could leave him and monitor him remotely.  Alternatively, you could haul him along in the car. Both options are not smooth rides but definitely come with their advantages as well.  For me, the former is a better option if you will be away for a short duration. However, for long trips, I’d prefer coming along with my cat.  Hi, call me Dylan; I am a feline veteran and I live with three cat pets. The …

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Best Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia

Last year, the worst thing happened to me – I lost my pooch after a long time with hip dysplasia. But I did try all I could to save Cooper. Things just went bad and I couldn’t simply watch him dip in form and quality of living.  My name is Kepa and before my lovely Cooper passed out one unforgettable night, I had been nursing him on a special dog orthopedic bed for hip dysplasia. This bed was quite the place he wanted for restful sleeps.  It would relieve him of the painful joints, and lessen the frequent limping and …

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