Best Dog Houses for German Shepherd for Comfort and Safety

best dog house for Germany Shepherd

Not all times will your canine friend be needed around you. And not all times would you let him or her stay in the house either. My name is Calum. My affection for German Shepherds landed me a dearest pooch (Rickie) that has now been my loyal companion for 3 years. He’s a playful thing and that’s what he loves. Because Rickie is a GSD and guarding is in the blood, I can’t overemphasize his importance to me. So I have always wanted the best for him. The first thing, which I must say wasn’t the easiest job, was locating …

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Best Pet Stroller for Large Dogs

I have seen some people brushing away the need for strollers – especially for large dogs. The justification for this argument is obvious. That dogs need to be dogs and treated like dogs. And that to roll dogs in strollers is embarrassing. While this very imagination could be true, think about your big boy Wolfie with a back medical condition or injured legs. The mobility issues are definitely a sorrow. And if you are a travel favorite enthusiast, you want to have your dog to places and you don’t want to leave him alone in the room bored the whole …

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Best Heated Dog House for Winter

As an owner of a dog pet, the Winter Fall can pack a fuss in terms of housing. While it depends on where you prefer the dog to stay, a dog house with insulation or a heated dog house for winter is perfect for protecting the dog from snow and lowly temperatures. Hello, call me Myles (or simply Miles) and I am penning this down to share my own thoughts with you as a pet lover. I keep 2 beautiful pooches – one, Bloom, is a Yorkshire Terrier and just 7 years of age. And the sister, who’s a German …

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