10 Rabbit Facts You should Know For Easy Indoor Rabbit Care

Are you in search of an indoor pet and you’re probably wondering how about the rabbits? Worry not, you’re about to be answered. It is almost impossible to engage yourself in something you do not fully understand. This is not strange news when it comes to rabbits. You have to know what’s awaiting you. A happy ever after or a life full of frustrations and regrets? We hope and believe after reading this, it’ll be the former. You not only need to be well financially to afford to coexist with a rabbit in your home, but you also need the vital information about how to go about their medical care, feeds and their comfortable stay. It is one thing to recover from an infection and it is a different thing to stay in good health throughout. How about the stay? We hope you won’t be the friend who’ll abandon your pet after some time. Rabbits are very adorable to be with, they are family, nobody leaves their family. Know about your rabbit pets as you read through:

1.     Rabbits need a lot of space.

How big is your house? Did you know that rabbits actually require more space than most of us provide? Make no mistake of caging your rabbit somewhere in a corner. He or she needs enough space to hop around. They need space to stand on their hind legs comfortably, don’t squeeze them in something they can only lie down.  This is what you should consider first, can your house provide enough space for your rabbit to live peacefully? If not, you might need to get them a big enough cage or change houses.

2.       Rabbits can be very destructive.

How are you planning to live with them? Are they going to be free to move around the house at their own pleasure? Don’t make that mistake. Rabbits will tend to feed on anything edible to them. Remember they’re naturally wild animals. They tend to chew a lot. They will chew anything and everything that comes their way. For you to comfortably live with a rabbit free to move around in your house, you need to rabbit-proof your house. Rabbits can literally chew anything including wires. You don’t want to be separated from your rabbit by an electric shock that you’d have prevented. Your kitchen and pastry will have to be free from your rabbit, otherwise, the rabbit will serve themselves some extra vegetables. You will need to keep watch whenever they free within the house just to be sure there aren’t any destructions whatsoever. You can also provide toys to distract them from wanting to chew other things that are valuable to you within the house.

3.     Most rabbits don’t like to be cuddled.

What do you want a rabbit for? You’re probably thinking you will always carry them on your laps. That may not be the exact truth. Rabbits don’t like being picked up leave alone being cuddled. Surprising, right? Don’t panic, you can play with them on the floor without having to pick them up. This is because rabbits are naturally prey animals. They are always afraid of danger. They always suspect that a predator is after them. And so, any time you go to pick them up, they may take off. Don’t be offended. That is their nature. It’s easier for you to understand than to try to force them on to your laps.

4.     Rabbits like to play a lot.

This may sound contradictory to the previous point, but don’t be lost. Rabbits are social animals. They enjoy each other’s company. The most appropriate question we’d ask is how many rabbits do you intend to have as your indoor pets? We don’t recommend many, but two would be good. Giving company to a rabbit is essential if they can enjoy your company, how much more will they enjoy theirs? They like playing with each other. You are probably wondering what about playing with you? Don’t panic, it is more pleasurable to watch two adorable rabbits playing by your side than to watch one frustrated rabbit lying down helplessly on your laps. Spice up your rabbit’s cheerfulness by giving them the company of a fellow rabbit. Remember, just like you, they are social animals.

5.       Rabbits poo a lot.

it’s physiology. Rabbits need a 24-hour supply of food. It is obvious that they will need to excrete some of what they ingest. You will need to be cautious enough to maintain their cages clean to minimize the chances of infections. This also contributes to the need to have them restrained from moving within the house freely. Imagine finding rabbit poop on your favorite ingredients at the kitchen. The good thing about rabbits is that they can be litter trained and that makes it easier and encouraging. You won’t have to worry a lot about the poop. It doesn’t stop there though, they also feed on their poop. Disgusting, right? Don’t get disgusted yet. It is good for their health, apparently. Their poop contains nutrients that still need to be absorbed. I wonder how they know that… should we give credit to nature? Maybe you don’t believe in God, but does this sound like something beyond human explanation? Maybe, at least for me. 

6.     Rabbits are not good pets for young children.

A number of us when we think about pets, we think about children. Most often, we buy pets for our children. Especially when they are young and we believe it is cute to do that. That is absolutely true. Buying your children pets is beautiful. They will like it. But, here comes the problem, rabbits don’t make an excellent choice for children’s pets. Rabbits are naturally wild animals and domesticated rabbits still have it in their minds that they are preys. Any kind of touch or grabbing scares them away. Children at times may want to play and since they are also still learning, you may not even expect to see them understanding the rabbit’s psychology, it is important that you avoid getting your small children a rabbit. The rabbit whenever it takes off as a result of their prey instincts will affect your child’s cheerfulness.

7.     Rabbits keep their own unique timings.

if you’re looking for a pet to stay and play with the whole day, a rabbit is not your excellent option as well. This is because rabbits are crepuscular organisms. They will probably be asleep during the day when you’d like to play with them and be awake in the morning when you trying to catch up with a bus or work and in the evening when you’re trying to get your dinner ready. It is important that you know that this is their nature so that you won’t be disappointed.

8.     Rabbits require a unique medical attention and diet.

Before you even think of acquiring a rabbit, it is important to know that rabbits need very special medical care and nutritional diet. If you can afford, have a personal veterinary doctor for your pet. It is better to have regular checkups to treat infections when they have occurred. Preventative medicine is the best after all. Ensure that they are in good health, free from infections. Should you do their dental checkups regularly? Absolutely Yes. This is because their teeth grow continuously. Keep checking to see if they’re undergoing wear and tear as they should.

Diet is another very crucial thing for your rabbits. For every living organism to live healthily, it requires a good diet. Rabbits are not exempted.

9.     Rabbits need exercise and space for it.

Most pets are very playful. This is not an exception for rabbits. The fact that rabbits play a lot even when they are by themselves doesn’t mean it is enough. As a pet owner, you need to have a plan for a good exercise for your rabbit lest you find yourself at the verge of having an obese rabbit. This is not only good for their physical health but also for mental health. Exercises freshen up our minds. The same happens to the rabbits. Be ready to have part of your time dedicated to exercise with your rabbits. After all, it’s company extended. Also, provide enough space for rabbits to exercise and play on their own. It is good for their digestive system as well.

10.  Rabbits bond easily with their owners.

Why would you look for a pet? It’s almost obvious that you’d look for a pet because you need company. Who wants to stay with a pet who takes centuries before they get used to you? No one. When it comes to rabbits, this is absolutely nothing to worry about. Rabbits bond so easily and quickly with their owners. They master your voice and face quickly. You won’t struggle with bonding with them. Once they get used to you, they’ll be responding to your voice so quickly and that is probably all you need for a good company.

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